PE/Health Intro & Online assignments

6th Grade Google classroom class code for Online Students only eyupljr
6th grade Google classroom class code for C1/ Period 1 zeqptid
6th Grade Google classroom class code for C2/ Period 2 gco6kom
6th Grade Google classroom class code for C3/ Period 3 bfgr3e4
6th Grade Google Classroom class code for C4/ Period 4 nufz2gx
I am Coach Peralta aka Big Panther. I am going to be your PE/Health teacher and most importantly a confidant. I am here at this school because of you, because of who you are and who you can become. I've been a Panther now for 6 years and have enjoyed every single day of it. I bleed Red & Black  as Panthers always lead the pack. Let's become leaders of today and tomorrow together and build lasting relationships. 
Friendly reminders
* Parents- please email me with any questions or concern [email protected]
* Future leaders/Panthers/ Students- please check Google Classroom for weekly assignments. 
Please do not enter your student's class code. This will put you in the Google Classroom as a student. Once your student has become a  part of the Classroom, there is an option to add a parent/ guardian email to the account.