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Technology at Colonel Smith Middle School 

Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District is a technology rich district. Digital tools enhance and support instruction and are an integral component in our society. Students are provided access to a variety of technology to assist them in learning about and leveraging tools to prepare them for life and work in the digital age. Colonel Smith Middle School (CSMS) provides a Chromebook to each student for access to digital curriculum, instructional materials, a productivity applications.These tools are used to support the instruction in each classroom and may be integrated very differently from class-to-class. Consider the relevant integration of technology in P.E. in relation to that of Art or Language Arts or Math. Instruction is the driving mechanism for the integration of technology.   


A Google Chromebook is a thin client laptop that is configured with the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS). Because the only software application that Chrome OS can run locally is the Google Chrome browser, a Chromebook is often described as a browser-in-a-box.


 Chromebooks are also called "cloudbooks" because the owner's applications, videos, image files and documents are stored remotely on Google virtual servers. Files and software applications are associated with the user's Google account so they can be accessed through a Chrome browser on any computing device. If a Chromebook is lost or destroyed,  the user's data remains secure because it was never stored on the Chromebook.