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Uniform Policy

Uniform Free Days for 2024-2025



Colonel Smith Middle School utilizes a uniform dress code for all students. We believe that a higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for others and results in a higher standard of behavior. The school principal will implement the policy and regulation regarding student dress and appearance.



The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop and enforce school regulations pertaining to student dress that promote safety and a positive learning environment.  Student dress shall not:

  1.  Present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school.
  2.  Materially and substantially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program.
  3.  Cause excessive wear or damage to school property.
  4.  Include any type of clothing, accessories and/or jewelry that is worn with the intent to convey affiliation with a criminal street gang as defined in A.R.S. 13-105.

Discriminatory or obscene language or symbols, or symbols of sex, drugs, or alcohol on clothing are prohibited.

Students may wear clothing, accessories and jewelry that display religious messages or religious symbols in the same manner and to the same extent that other types of clothing, accessories and jewelry that display messages or symbols are permitted.

Adopted:  September 11, 2019


The District encourages students to take pride in their attire as it relates to the school setting.  Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to the following guidelines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others.

  1. Students must wear a shirt with pants or skirt or the equivalent (dress, leggings, or shorts).
  2. Clothing must not be see-through and must cover a student’s undergarments, chest and torso, when standing or sitting.
  3. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Closed shoes are to be worn for any type of physical activity, such as physical education, et cetera.
  4. Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard.
  5. Clothing, accessories and/or jewelry may not state, imply, or depict hate speech/imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected classification.
  6. Students may wear clothing, accessories and jewelry that display religious messages or religious symbols in the same manner and to the same extent that other types of clothing, accessories and jewelry that display messages or symbols are permitted.
  7. Subject to the above, no hats, bandannas, other head coverings, or sunglasses may be worn in a classroom or school building, except for properly approved occupational safety headgear required for special classes or if authorized by a school administrator or authorized/prescribed by a medical professional.
  8. Obscene language or symbols, or symbols of drugs, sex, or alcohol on clothing are prohibited.
  9. Students may not wear clothing, accessories and/or jewelry with images, symbols, slogans, words or phrases that are profane, discriminatory or defamatory or that is worn with the intent to convey affiliation with a criminal street gang as defined in A.R.S. 13-105.
  10. Hats and sunglasses may be worn outside.

Exceptions for special activities or health considerations may be pre-approved by the administrator.


REGULATION: STUDENT  DRESS- (Uniform Guidelines for Colonel Smith Middle School)


Colonel Smith Middle School (CSMS) believes a positive school learning environment is a major factor in sustained student achievement.  There are a number of variables that contribute to a positive school climate.  Safety, discipline, and school unity are three (3), significant contributors.  Colonel Smith Middle School believes wearing a school uniform is one way to support all three (3) of these elements.  School uniforms, which refer to wearing the same style and color of dress, can create a safer environment as they readily help to identify our students as well as any non-school persons who may visit our campus.  Uniforms create a more disciplined environment by reducing negative competition over dress style and by allowing students to be valued for who they are as individuals and not judged by what they wear.  Finally, school uniforms promote school unity by eliminating factors that can create economic and social divisions among individuals thus allowing students to become more conscious of such shared goals as meeting academic standards, developing self-confidence, and creating a sense of belonging.  The positive learning environment, to which wearing school uniforms contributes, helps to create and maintain an atmosphere in which student achievement is the highest priority.


Colonel Smith Middle School students are required to wear a school uniform.  Parents may purchase the school uniforms that meet the criteria described from their preferred retailer.

Color  Selection- Solid colors however, a single small logo is acceptable (the size of a fist or smaller). 


  • Red, White, Navy Blue, or Black



  • Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black



  • Black, Red, White, Navy Blue or Gray
  • Sweatshirts sold by the CSMS Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), Clubs, and Athletics may also be worn.


Uniform  Dress  Selection


  • Short or long-sleeved collared polo shirt.  A small logo is acceptable. Spirit Wear blurb?



  • Trousers, shorts, skirtalls, skirts skorts, and capris are acceptable.  No denim material, side pocketed-cargo style trousers or shorts, or athletic apparel (Basketball shorts, yoga pants, etc.)  Leggings of a solid uniform color are permitted under an appropriate uniform bottom. 



  • Sweatshirts can have a small logo. All Sweatshirts that are sponsored by the PTO, Athletic Teams, or Clubs are acceptable.  Hooded sweatshirts with a front zipper are acceptable, but hoods may not be worn inside buildings.



  • Leather or fabric belts of a solid color may be worn.



  • Acceptable shoes must have closed toes.



  • Hats may only be worn outside buildings.

Physical  Education  Uniform

Uniform will be set by the Physical Education Teacher in consultation with the school principal.


General Guidelines:

  • Pants must fit at the waist. "Sagging" or oversized pants are not permissible.  Shorts, skirts, skorts, and skirtalls are to be no shorter than finger-tip length with the arms extended straight down at the sides.
  • Shirts must be appropriately sized.  Shirts are not required to be tucked in. 
  • Outerwear shall not contain any language, symbols, or displays that are inappropriate for a school setting or would tend to materially interfere with or disrupt the educational program.  This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Profane or indecent language.
  • Advertisements or other symbols of drugs, sex, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Obscene or sexually suggestive words or pictures.
  • Language and symbols that are derogatory to any race or ethnic group.
  • No sunglasses unless medically prescribed.
  • No bandanas, sweatbands, du-rags, or other headgear in the building. Sweatbands may be approved for PE classes. 
  • Headbands used to style hair are acceptable. Worn across the top to the head not across the forehead. 
  • Students who participate in designated school clubs or athletics may wear the dress prescribed by the coach or sponsor on game day.
  • Shoes with laces must be fully laced up and tied.  The same applies to strap fasteners.

Special  Considerations

For families who have a particular financial hardship, please speak with the school principal.

Any uniform waiver based on specific religious beliefs must be requested, in writing, to the school principal.

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