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About Us

The CSMS instructional program includes a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum driven by state-of-the-art technology appropriately differentiated in each grade level.  Technology is in the hands of all students using hand-held electronic devices with access through a wireless system accessible throughout the entire site.  The hot spot or nerve centers for each grade level are in the Collaboration Area, while the Research Commons serves as a common resource for investigation and exploration.  Instructional delivery methods put heavy emphasis on project-based inter-disciplinary instruction that stresses real world problem-solving and experimentation in a collaborative environment.


All indoor and outdoor spaces are available for learning – every square foot counts!  Entry to the school site and all areas of the building are designed to create interest, curiosity and learning opportunities for students.

CSMS furniture is integral to delivering the vision.  All furniture in the building is mobile.  The easy moving of furniture enhances instructional and group opportunities.  There are also a number of areas of soft furniture in the building, providing students with the ability to learn in a comfortable residential setting.  In total, CSMS is a secure, student-centered school the champions student achievement.


Check out pictures below that show some of the amazing incentives for our students. These include:

  • Flexible learning - Students are able to move from classrooms to quiet spaces as needed with the use of Chromebooks.
  • Student Collaboration Areas - Referred to as the "pods" - these areas provide space for large groups to work together and achieve classroom goals
  • STEM Lab - well equipped labs for hands on projects and state of the art learning tools
  • Research Commons (Library) - This modern library allows flexibility for small and large group activities as well as individual study and research.