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STEM and Technology Foundations
STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a semester class. There is an introductory and intermediate class.  There are 4 C's in STEM - Collaborate, Communicate, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. These are a part of all activities.  Core classes are embedded as students will write, apply math skills and learn how to find information.  
Tech Foundations is a course for 8th graders. It is a high-school class that earns a half credit that will transfer to Buena High School. The course focuses on digital literacy versus computer technology. Students will learn to use computer applications for productivity.
 About me-   I have been a part of the FHASD family since 2001. Prior to that, I worked at Huachuca City School in the Tombstone Unified School District. I grew up in Buffalo NY but moved to central Florida during my junior year of high school. My first introduction to Fort Huachuca was as a soldier. I was an Intelligence Analyst in the Army. I was a part of the 513th MI Group at Fort Monmouth and the 3rd Armored Division in Frankfurt Germany. 

I coach the Girl's Cross Country and Track Teams.
I am a Crossfitter, runner, hiker, cyclist, and mountain biker! I enjoy traveling and crafting.  My husband and daughter are both teachers. My oldest son is in the Navy and my youngest is attending Cochise College. I am a National Board Certified Teacher.
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I am looking forward to a wonderful year at CSMS!